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Jill Bedford

Park City, Utah
I create unique one of a kind paper mache hair accessories for girls of all ages. I love to customize hair accessories to match any occasion.

Tell us about your business.

Maiseys Daiseys was created by a little eight year old girl who was bored one day. As something to do, she decided to pull out her bead box and see what she could create. Bracelets and necklaces of all shapes and designs soon covered the floor. She began making them for her friends and family to wear. They were so loved by all who wore them that she decided to start selling them at her school's art festival along with some new paper mache headband designs that matched her paper mache daisy table centerpieces... the rest is history! I am that little girl's mother, who encouraged her to start selling her creations. Because she decided to pull out that bead box one afternoon, her creativity and sales have been able to fund her other passion - dance. The money she has earned has paid for dance lessons, costumes, competitions and workshops. I am very proud of her creativity and work ethic, and the fact that she has grown into a beautiful dancer...

What makes your business stand out?

I love that we can take a piece of paper and turn it into a pretty, unique, one of a kind floral headband or clip. To be able to use any type of paper and make it into something beautiful is so fabulous. The most fun we have is with custom orders when we can use the theme to make perfectly matched hair accessories for the party girl or as take home favors. Our flowers have adorned birthday party and baby shower cakes, been used as centerpieces at parties, used for photo props and as a fun accessory to style blogs. The possibilities are endless with what we can do. It's so fun to see the reactions on girls and their moms faces when they see one of our headbands, pick it up, and realize that it is made out of paper. That's why we love doing what we do! Putting a smile on people's faces! And we also love that we have not come across anything else like them, anywhere. That definitely makes us unique!

What's the best business advice you've received?

Don't give up! Things always start out slow, but if you believe in yourself and you stand by your product, customers will find you. Work smarter not harder! Also a great one!

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