Amy Bartlett Wright- Murals

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Amy Bartlett Wright

Portsmouth, Rhode Island
My painted murals of natural scenes create the sense of outdoor space within a room or upon a building.

Tell us about your business.

I continued my love of the outdoors by becoming a natural science illustrator. I now use the principals of drawing natural subjects from observation in my large paintings and murals for zoos, nature centers, museums and private collectors. My clients include The National Park Service, Smithsonian and Museum of Science. I work directly on location or in my studio on canvas or panels for later installation. All murals begin with a pencil sketch and constant communication with the client. For training and to keep myself toned and fresh, I paint plein air in the landscape. Preparing a custom mural begins by meeting with the client to discuss objectives and parameters. Such specifics include the dimensions, content of the mural and color preferences. I prepare pencil sketches for client consideration, then a preliminary painting for review. In this way, the client has understanding as well as continual input before painting begins. Final work can be in studio or on location.

What makes your business stand out?

A beautifully painted mural can have a tremendous impact upon a space and I still find it thrilling to see how the viewer is affected by many of the murals I have painted. Visitors have told me they can feel the water move and the leaves rustle in a summer breeze. And that feeling comes from paint on canvas or directly upon the wall! I work primarily by hand and many of my clients value that the art is individual, original, designed and created just for their home, their building. Often, I am asked to minimize architectural features such as columns, doorways and even a 42 foot high chimney! Color, value and placement of elements enable me to draw viewer attention away from straight edges or protruding features. In this way I create a new place, a new space that transports the visitor outside into the open landscape or into a more intimate setting of nature.

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