Madeline Lewis Designs

American Made Since 2008

Stephanie Smith

Noblesville, Indiana
Madeline Lewis provides and amazing variety of custom unique services and products for all the most cherished celebrations in your life.

Tell us about your business.

I started my design business in 2006. As a stay at home mom, I was always looking for outlets for my creativity. While planning my daughter's first birthday, I was shopping in a party store and became frustrated that I could not find the design and quality that she was so worthy of. I went home and designed all of her party decorations from scratch. While making her cone party hats, I looked at my husband and said "this is what I want to do". I started out offering my creative services to other business. During my first 3 months in business, I signed up to participate in a wedding show. My booth consisted of colorful favors and decorations. I was hooked in the wedding industry. My services soon expanded to wedding invitations and stationery of all sorts. I recently in the past 24 months began logo design and marketing collateral for other businesses. Along with my graphic design services, I do event designs and style consultations.

What makes your business stand out?

Madeline Lewis is unique because we are totally custom. When I meet with a bride for an initial consultation, I never bring any samples of my invitations with me. I talk to the bride over coffee and we discuss their wedding in detail. From our chat, I am able to get a good idea of her style and personality. It isn't until our second meeting that the brides see their vision on paper. I also offer several options to help my brides on a budget, such as DIY assembly and designs on PDF files. That way, they still can have a custom invitation for a reasonable price. My logo designs are the same way. I send each client a questionnaire to help me get the design process started. I constantly ask my clients for feedback to help me tweak the logo into their dream. I keep my logo design prices low. I know starting a new business can be expensive. Nothing thrills me more then designing a logo for a new business and then seeing my work at work on their new website and facebook page.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Oprah once said that there is not such thing as luck. Luck is when opportunity meets preparedness. That statement made so much sense to me. There were always opportunities around me to be able to do my work. I often times backed off in fear that I was not ready to make a business leap because I was "out of my league". I came to realize that there is no "league". I was responsible for how good I was going to prepared I was going to be when a business opportunity came to my door. I rarely tell clients that I cannot do something. If I don't know how to do something, I figure it out...quickly!

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