Cordwood Handmade

American Made Since 2012

Lisa Heimerle

New York, New York
CWH goods are produced in an effort to outfit and support every craftsman, designer, and engineer. Durable materials that stand the test of time.

Tell us about your business.

Cordwood Handmade was born out of the desire to create timeless goods to meet the needs of every maker. I focus on producing tool rolls, aprons, saddle bags, and tote bags. I draw inspiration from my surroundings—specifically sprawling farmland, weathered barns, dramatic mountain passes, or the honesty of a bicycle ride. Cordwood Handmade has now established itself as a supplier to those who craft, design, and engineer in specific fields. These fields include gardening, illustrators, bicycle mechanics, bicycle engineers, and bicycle riders. Anything that involves getting your hands dirty and stretching your brain to new creative places, Cordwood Handmade will support you. Materials include copper rivets, stone oiled cowhide leather, and waxed canvas. With time, your goods will age beautifully with character. Over time, it is my goal to see Cordwood Handmade soft goods in creative workspaces and having the means to do so.

What makes your business stand out?

The philosophy behind Cordwood Handmade goes hand-in-hand with that of being a maker.

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