Schmalz's Provisions

American Made Since 1972

Otto Schmalz & John Schmalz & Amanda Schmalz & Martina Schmalz-Palmer

Springfield, New Jersey
We began as a cliched quest for the American dream, 40 years & three generations later, we have evolved into a business, and a familial legacy.

Tell us about your business.

Our business began as a small deli, where we handcrafted our sausages in small batches in the back kitchen to sell at our front counter, a simple husband and wife operation. Slowly, as our children grew old enough to become involved, we expanded to include a second deli, and eventually growing to need a separate manufacturing building. We focus on maintaining recipes that have been brought down in our family through generations of dedication to our craft. We are striving to maintain high standards and traditions, particularly as our business expands to include our third generation. It is our dream that our business evolves and grows in terms of size and recognition, but that we never lose sight of the love and passion which began this forty year journey.

What makes your business stand out?

Our business is unique in its versatility. We often work with other companies to create products which suit their needs, whether it be size restrictions, religious needs, organic, etc. Though we are eager and willing to adapt, and strive to have the most modern facility, we still seek to meld modernity with our traditional past. The fact that our business is not only owned, but also run daily by a close knit family allows us to grow, and still pass on our traditions. Our family considers this business to be an additional family member, when we gather for the holidays, we are surrounded by products that we crafted, when out of state family visits, a stop by the business is a must, our children grew up underfoot, the business both babysitter and teacher. These are values that are important to our family, and translate into our products, and the way we conduct our business.

What's the best business advice you've received?

The best business advice that I have ever received, is that the answer to every question or dilemma you'll ever face, is "hardwork, dedication, and education." These are traits that no one can take away from you, and what will help you to persevere through the toughest of times. You can determine your own future through the extent of your dedication, and your willingness to work hard, in that way, you can control your own destiny. Education is the one possession truly belongs to you, it can never be taken away. Once you possess knowledge, it remains yours forever, and it is your choice how you use it. I suppose what this boils down to, is take responsibility, take control, and strive towards your best achievements.

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