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Akbar Chisti

Beaverton, Oregon
SEAMUS GOLF manufactures the finest tartan golf club head covers in Oregon, USA, available at the finest destinations in the world.

Tell us about your business.

Started by Wife & Husband duo Megan & Akbar Chisti in Beaverton, Oregon, USA. Megan, an established apparel designer by trade, began designing golf club covers for Akbar and his friends. When she decided she wanted to do it full time, Akbar (an accountant/CPA by trade) put his marketing hat on and started cold calling every golf destination and press member to get the business started. The first customer was Bandon Dunes, the #1 golf resort in the world, followed by great editorial reviews in Golf Digest,, Wall Street Journal, Cool Hunting, Gear Patrol, Yahoo!, CBSSports, and numerous others. We started exclusively using tartan wool woven in the Pacific Northwest, and now include tartans from various prominent mills in Scotland. Each tartan is hand cut, to ensure that plaids are matched at the seams, and our design is loved by Golfing enthusiasts around the world as the covers stay on, fit, and are easy to remove. Our production team works out of Beaverton, Oregon.

What makes your business stand out?

We are the only golf company that is focused on the smallest subset of golfers : Walking enthusiasts that have less than an 8 handicap and enjoy playing on fescue grass. Surprisingly, our product is most loved by those that don't even play golf. Our company has been approached by several investors as our model and product are both truly different from everything else. Each product we make and design is incredibly well received by those who enjoy the game. Our business will evolve as we are able to continue with innovation and make products other than just golf club covers, like hats.

What's the best business advice you've received?

'Don't forget who brought you to the dance.' Our head covers brought us to the dance, and since then we've been approached to make ties, hats, pants, jackets, and everything but head covers. When we go to release new products, it seems that our core customer base just wants more golf club covers. If we begin to branch out to other products, we must do so in a way that maintains respect for those that helped us get here. 'Know your target market better than anyone else' Our target market was refined at the onset to only enthusiasts that like a particular style of play. Akbar is that player, so when we wonder about whether a feature is relevant or we should try a new style, we just ask him. And then we know. 'Get to breaking even as fast as is humanely possible' For a small niche business like ours, it is very possible to get there quick. If a business cannot break even in a quick amount of time, it should reconsider its purpose.

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