Overall Baby

American Made Since 2009

Jenny Kim

Queens, New York
At Overall Baby, we are re-inventing the look of children overalls! From the boring basic denim to fun fabrics and prints!

Tell us about your business.

I first got the idea to start Overall Baby ® in 2006. I was laid off from my job and exploring other options when I began to think back to my time with Smith’s, a co. founded in 1906 and well known for their work wear overalls. At Smith’s I learned the in’s and out’s of running a fashion line. It’s also where I developed my love and passion for overalls. The classic denim overalls were our main staple, but I remember thinking at the time that they were a bit boring. I thought wouldn’t it be fun to take a traditional item such as an overall and re-invent it? At the time, I also had a passion for print design. By incorporating both ideas I knew that I could create an overall with a unique look and feel. Overall Baby is currently available in stores nationwide and have even gone international. All our overalls are handmade in the US with help from hired seamstresses. We hope to expand our wholesale production in the coming yrs by opening our own in-house production center in Brooklyn NY.

What makes your business stand out?

We offer a very unique brand which takes the traditional denim overall and offers them with a twist. Our classic cotton lined overalls are a lightweight alternative to heavy denim overalls and are completely unique to the market. Parents love them because they offer an added degree of comfort. Coupled with our bright fun prints, our unique brand of overalls cannot be found anywhere else. Overall Baby is trademarked in the US and is one of a kind.

What's the best business advice you've received?

There are two pieces of advice which have stood out to me as I have experienced this journey as a small business owner. The first came to me during a job interview and I feel it's not just great business advice, but fantastic advice for how to achieve your goals. He was a very successful financier and I was young and just beginning to enter the work force. He said, when asked by me how he had accomplished so much and how I could do the same, "Keep your head down, work hard, and always...ignore the drama." I've kept that attitude with me and have learned to apply it to all aspects of my life. The second advice comes from a fellow entrepreneur. I was just beginning to develop the idea for Overall Baby but was afraid to take the leap. His advice to me? "Perseverance is the key to success". Too many times he had seen friends come up with an idea only to give up too soon, or when things got tough. He never gave up and now he has a successful business.

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