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Jacqueline Moore

Boynton Beach, Florida
I believe that everyone deserves having a special SWEET for THEIR special day and It can be Deliciously Healthy Too !

Tell us about your business.

I bake Gluten Free and Gluten Free No added Sugar- Diabetic Friendly, sweets. My gluten Free is baked with Healthier ingredients than standard G Free. I use ALMOND FLOUR in all of my formulations. ALMOND flour adds nutrition, protein, good fats, fiber and lower carbs. My No Added Sugar products are created with natural low carb sugar substitutes and nothing artificial. I began selling my baked cakes & cookie(dough) to bakeries and individuals. Then I began selling cake and cookie mixes online across the country. Now, I am back to selling my baked products at local Green Markets and to order cakes to the Local Gluten Free and Diabetic communities. I would like people across America to know that you can have what you use to have but differently, with Healthier ingredients. "Sugar Free" does not have to taste like Chemicals or give you gas or bloating. I bake products that are truly Deliciously Healthy.

What makes your business stand out?

My business is unique because I think people deserve the best QUALITY ingredients not just what is acceptable for use. Many bakers use artificial sweeteners and white rice flour as their Gluten free/No added sugar. Or they use Agave nectar or Honey both of which will raise a diabetic's blood sugar. I began baking for Diabetics because I have a family member who is a diabetic and I was tired of reading the chemicals that were marketed to them. My no added sugar is made with Healthy Coconut Palm Shortening and real butter, instead of shortening. I use Erythritol , xylitol and Stevia instead of Splenda. I use high fiber flours such as almond, oat fiber and corn fiber flours. These ingredients produces cakes and cookies with less than 5 grams of sugar and a average net carbs of 10. Most sugar free products have Net carbs of 15 and o fiber. I am currently the only Baker in the West Palm Beach area who offers Gluten Free/no added sugar. America needs to know that there is a healthier way.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Never Give Up.

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