Blank Slate Patterns

American Made Since 2012

Melissa Mora

Round Rock, Texas
Blank Slate Patterns strives to produce great, modern sewing patterns for kids and women, providing a "blank slate" for their creativity.

Tell us about your business.

The seeds for Blank Slate Patterns were planted when I searched high and low for a blazer sewing pattern for my 2 year old son (now 5) and discovered there wasn’t one, so I made it. There began the journey that has taken me out of the theatre classroom where I spent 12 years and into the wilds of entrepreneurship and owning my own business. Since I never can seem to find the clothing patterns I want for my guys or for girls and women with the same modern aesthetic, I continue to make them. I see Blank Slate Patterns as a brand known for great details, a modern designs, and patterns that take home sewing to the next level. I want Blank Slate Patterns to change the old criticism, "That looks like your mom made it" to "Your mom made that? Can she make me one?"

What makes your business stand out?

Though the sewing and pattern world is currently experiencing a resurgence as people find satisfaction in creating custom, handmade items, the boys are often left behind. But not in my shop - I design 2 boy patterns for every girl pattern and intend to keep that ratio. Moms of boys like to sew clothes for their kids too!

What's the best business advice you've received?

Define your style and your voice - those are unique to you and will make you stand out in a crowd.

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