Sans Bakery

American Made Since 2010

Erica Fair

New York, New York
Imagine you're at a local coffee shop and not being able to eat the pastries. Sans is there to supply gluten free patrons with fresh baked goods!

Tell us about your business.

Being gluten intolerant, I started baking because there was a lack of good tasting bread and pastries on the market. After sharing all of my creations (both good and bad!) with family and friends, they encouraged me to quit my job in fashion to start a bakery. After a few ups and downs, the bakery has been in business for about 1 1/2 years with steady growth. Our current market is suppling coffee shops with gluten free baked goods throughout New York City. Our plan for growth includes selling to hotels, specialty grocery stores and eventually have our own retail space. We want to continue to grow our wholesale business and become a standard name when looking for fresh baked gluten free goods. Having a retail shop will allow us to have solid location for people to visit us. We hope to become a shop where people who can eat gluten and the gluten free will both enjoy our baked goods.

What makes your business stand out?

We are trying to target the niche market of gluten free fresh baked goods at coffee shops in New York City. This is an un-tapped market that allows us to reach more customers then if we only had a freestanding location. Our reach would be limited and we wouldn't be able to help gluten free eaters all over the city!

What's the best business advice you've received?

I read an article given to me about Zingerman's, a huge company in Michigan. The article stated that if you imagine your business as a success and really believe it, it will happen. The power of positive thinking is really amazing. Ever since reading the article, I have been trying to truly believe my business as successful and it has worked!

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