Sweet on Hearts

American Made Since 2012

Michelle Kilgore

Anaheim, California
Sweet on Hearts wants to spread love and happiness around the world like frosting on a cookie with handcrafted, heart-shaped sweets and treats.

Tell us about your business.

My whole life I’ve been baking and crafting and sewing things into heart-shapes. About a year ago while traveling on business for my “real” job I decided I should open a bakery that sells only heart-shaped treats and offers craft classes with heart-shaped crafts and include a gift shop with all heart-shaped merchandise! That dream might take me a while to pull together but in the meantime I’ve opened an online bakery on Etsy selling heart-shaped sweets and treats that are freshly baked and hand crafted with lots of love. Business is booming (our treats are addictive!)) and hopefully soon I'll be able to build a home for Sweet on Hearts that embodies feelings of love and light and hope and happiness. A place that smells like fresh cookies and feels like a warm hug. In short, a place that IS Sweet on Hearts.

What makes your business stand out?

Hearts are fascinating. Their round fullness and symmetry and promise of something wonderful is intoxicating. Hearts symbolize love and goodness and happiness and they have the power to make anyone – male, female, old, young – smile. Sweet on Hearts is unique from other bakeries because it is focused on spreading love and happiness one heart at a time. One heart shaped treat, and one human, beating heart at a time. Unconditional love is poured into each recipe and intended for the lucky recipient of one of our hand-crafted, heart-shaped treats.

What's the best business advice you've received?

The best advice I've received on this journey is to not hesitate, but just create. In the beginning I would find myself hesitating over "major" decisions (i.e. choosing a logo, choosing pictures to post, etc...) and wanting to wait until everything was perfect. But the advice I received was to just trust myself, make a choice, and keep going. And it's been wonderful. I've learned to push through feelings of doubt and inadequacy by reminding myself that there is no better time than now, and no one is going to fulfill this dream besides me.

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