Peacetree Mountain Truffles

American Made Since 2011

Linda Armes & Gretchen Handlos & Lisa Hornibrook

Bloomington, Indiana
Our fresh, hand-decorated truffles are created from unique ingredients: local wines, fresh roasted coffees, artisan balsamics, homemade cookies.

Tell us about your business.

After winning an Emeril Live contest and appearing on Food Network, I began searching for a food business that would highlight my culinary creativity. Two of my closest friends joined me in the venture and Peacetree Mountain Truffles was born. Using fresh, local, and unique ingredients, we create confections with a "wow" factor. Our goal is extraordinary flavor and we strive to pack a huge punch in every truffle. Our distinctive, creamy truffle fillings are enrobed in fine chocolates, so every truffle provides ultimate chocolate pleasure! We finish our truffles with hand decorating in true artisan style. Our uncompromising dedication to taste, artistry and quality makes our truffles the most delectable, delicious chocolates anywhere! Looking forward, we would most like to see our balsamic truffle and wine truffle lines growing. This will allow us to increase partnerships with other businesses as a means for them to also grow by offering their customers something unique.

What makes your business stand out?

We make confections that explode with flavors utilizing fresh, local, and unique ingredients. Our goal is to capture the essence of local wines, the artistry of aged balsamics, the depth and pleasure of freshly brewed espresso, and the satisfaction of enjoying freshly baked cookies. We turn that experience into a smooth, creamy truffle filling and blend it with the most complementary chocolate available, creating a delectable confection with unparalleled flavor and an extraordinary chocolate experience. We specialize in creating custom truffles for other businesses using their own products as a way for them to offer their customers something new. This helps the business keep their offerings fresh and relevant to the customer and provides the customer another way to enjoy a product they already love!

What's the best business advice you've received?

Stick to what you do the best - don't get distracted. Do one thing extremely well and stay true to your mission and vision.

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