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Robin Driscoll

Claremont, California
Award winning photographer catches the athlete's sport and passion, presenting one of a kind fine art & Sports Illustrated quality images.

Tell us about your business.

Originally studied fine arts and photography at Cleveland Institute of Art, then served as a US Navy Photojournalist before getting out and getting a business degree and a Law degree. Regrettably 3 days before the bar exam I was in a life threatening car accident resulting in a brain injury making rethinking my career a necessity. As therapy I returned back to photography shooting my son's water polo games. The business grew from the passion of shooting great action shots and the desire to recreate my new success and not be defined by my new reality.

What makes your business stand out?

My brain injury is not necessarily a deficit. Yes, certain tasks are difficult but...there was an unexpected benefit! My three day memory means that yes I have to work harder than other photographers and shoot everyday (or relearn my camera) the result is that my images stay fresh...and my passion for catching and creating the image stays just as fresh. I am genuinely excited when I catch the ball at the end of the bat...the drama of the triathlete's competing. My photojournalism background keeps me grounded in telling a story through composition, expression and motion.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Develop and follow your passion and never, never compromise your craft, quality and product by giving into low ball pricing or giving up copyrights. The individuality of your product, talent and craft will be more profitable by selling more at the actually price of creation and appropriate markup than chasing and lowering prices to get the job. If you don't value your work...your client's won't either. It is better to do less work at a high price than to work like a dog and give it away.

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