Manchester Wood: American Made Furniture

American Made Since 1976

Ed Eriksen & Priscilla Eriksen

Granville, New York
Quality handcrafted solid wood furniture. Built to last generations. Family business. 100% Made in USA. Free shipping always.

Tell us about your business.

If you’ve seen the forests of the New York Adirondacks and the Green Mountains of Vermont and their surrounding communities, you’d begin to understand our sensibilities and our roots. As far back as 1891 our ancestors recognized the value of natural wood from which they made an honest living. Now almost 125 years later, Manchester Wood is still a family business crafting solid wood furniture that rivals any in quality, craftsmanship and affordability. Our solid wood furniture is built to a higher standard. Each piece is masterfully designed for style and function, then crafted with precision and care by our skilled craftspeople. Continuous inspections throughout all processes ensure quality – from sourcing quality local lumber to our stringently tested durable finishes. Every step of our process is designed to create heirloom quality solid wood furniture that will delight our customers and last for generations.

What makes your business stand out?

Manchester Wood comes from a family tradition of wood products that dates back to 1891 and the sawmill operated by the great grandfather of Manchester Wood's founder, Clifford Pierce. It is a tradition that epitomizes American innovation and a dedication to high quality craftsmanship.

What's the best business advice you've received?

"Customers appreciate the quality of American made products... Get your solid wood furniture out there! People want to know about it!"

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