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tabitha stroup

santa cruz , California
Simple, seasonal, local preserves that bring the farm to the jar.... beyond the breakfast table. From toast to a roast or a cheese filled dream.

Tell us about your business.

FIC started officially in 2011, but took the past 23 years to build and create the idea and product. I cooked, baked, gardened, schooled, professionally cooked some more, ate, drank, taught a class or two, continually experimented, fed some folks and then one day in the kitchen something HAPPENED... My process is simple: work harder and smarter that the day before. FIC Evolution: The growth since day one has left my head spinning. Friend in Cheeses Jam Co. has evolved into a solid, honest business where education and the continuation of preservation traditions are priorities. Our backbone is being part of the food SOLUTION. We are having a blast to boot. Meeting farmers, vintners, mongers, freaks, geeks, and food lovers..the thread that binds us is love of food. I am one lucky peach to be able drive this wild ride. When Im old(er) I will look back and say..." I savored the journey"

What makes your business stand out?

My boss is Mother Nature, literally. If she decides to have a cool summer my offerings will differ and there is no arguing. She has the final say...sorry but no Golden Sageberry this summer. I follow my senses. The environment around me inspires and I translate this into my products. (With many oops along the way!) I source local and produce with the seasons. These are jams, jellies and preserves to match up with cheeses, meats and whatever you dream up. Unique...unique.....humm. I'd say I cuss alot but most of us kitchen folk do too. People think we are a cheese company.... Ahhh when I make jelly I blare Yma Sumac. Carrots make my lips itch. Food shows give me anxiety. First thing I ever cooked solo as a pee wee....cheese toast with salad supreme ( 70s staple). We are all snow flakes and from a distance may all seem simular but up close the details are pull up a chair.

What's the best business advice you've received?

You will never know until you try...

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