Mirrix Tapestry & Bead Looms

American Made Since 1996

Claudia Chase & Elena Zuyok

Francestown, New Hampshire
Mirrix Looms are the highest quality bead and tapestry looms available... because the loom you weave on should be a work of art.
New Hampshire

Tell us about your business.

Mirrix Tapestry and Bead Looms is a loom manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer started by an artist who wanted a better loom. Now run by that artist and her daughter, Mirrix has grown into a business that not only sells a quality product, but that believes in the process and in fostering not only a brand, but a sense of community within that brand. Mirrix Looms are manufactured at Sunshine House in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin where people with mental and physical disabilities are given the chance at rich and rewarding employment in an environment built to nurture their needs. Mirrix Looms seeks to grow slowly enough that they can keep to their ideals of both manufacturing and employment philosophy (Mirrix believes in high-quality, US-made materials and in fair pay) while spreading the joy of bead and tapestry weaving across the globe.

What makes your business stand out?

Mirrix Looms is a family business run by mother/daughter team Claudia Chase and Elena Zuyok from Francestown, New Hampshire and Seattle Washington, respectively. Mirrix's goals are not just to sell a product, but to create a community where people can share their experiences and their love for the art they create. While Mirrix is a manufacturer, they offer ongoing customer support, hosting free events like weave-alongs where customers can learn new projects and meet new friends along the way. Built on strong ideals of fairness and quality, Mirrix Looms builds reliable products meant to last a lifetime.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Stick to your ideals. It is always tempting for a growing company to stray from their ideals. It can be tempting to buy a part from overseas or to purchase materials that aren't quite as good as they could be, but a business comes down to its practices.

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