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Nick Baum

San Francisco, California
StoryWorth is the easiest way to record and share your family's stories. Reply to a weekly email to build a beautiful digital autobiography.
Design, Technology

Tell us about your business.

My dad is 83 years old. He grew up in a time before transatlantic flights and television, and he tells a great story. I built StoryWorth as a personal project, so I could record his stories in his own voice and share them with my future family. Once built, I found that other families wanted this product, so I launched StoryWorth as a consumer product. I'm both a software engineer and a designer. StoryWorth is specifically designed for the Baby Boomer generation: clear, intuitive and easy. For example, secure accounts are password-free, and if typing is difficult for a user, they can tell their stories via phone call. StoryWorth isn't just for seniors, but it is designed with seniors in mind. StoryWorth has global appeal, so our next step is to localize into multiple languages and make sure the questions are culturally relevant. Since my mother is Swedish, I get frequent reminders that this is a priority! This is in addition to aggressively growing our user base, of course.

What makes your business stand out?

What most distinguishes StoryWorth from other tech startups is its mission, focus and execution: * StoryWorth focuses on sharing the most important things privately, while all too many technology companies today focus on sharing trivial things publicly. We know our customers will treasure these stories for generations. * Technology has been criticized for being isolating, but StoryWorth encourages meaningful interaction with family, a deeper understanding of where we come from, and a greater respect for the people we love. * StoryWorth strengthens families. Sharing family stories is proven to make children more resilient and offers grandparents the means to connect with younger generations. * StoryWorth is designed first for Baby Boomers, as opposed to teens and 20-somethings. It's not about flashy features, it's about simple functionality that just works. Many people use it entirely by email, without ever needing to log in.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Make products that matter. We all have to choose what we spend our life working on, so make sure it's something meaningful, to you and to your customers.

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