Crock & Jar

American Made Since 2011

Michaela Hayes

New York, New York
Seeking to "Preserve the Seasons to Eat Locally Year Round," we make delicious, nutritious, raw, fermented Krauts using local produce.

Tell us about your business.

Michaela Hayes founded Crock & Jar with a mission to increase the amount of local food we buy in season and to preserve it so we can eat locally year round. She began her quest for preserving food as a Just Food trainer and developed the pickling station during her tenure at Gramercy Tavern. She has been spreading the preservation message in classes and workshops throughout the country since 2007. Fermenting foods allows us to preserve them while maintaining or increasing their nutritional value. It also makes for delicious, tangy flavor! Our Krauts are made in small batches and fermented for a minimum of three weeks for peak flavor and texture. We use local, sustainably grown produce to support our local farmers and community. Our two newest Kraut flavors incorporate wild and medicinal plants and we will continue to expand our line in this direction, experimenting with new flavors. We also plan to develop a more direct farm relationship with a local grower.

What makes your business stand out?

In addition to making delicious, locally sourced products, Crock & Jar is dedicated to teaching the food preservation processes that allow each of us to take greater control of our own food sources. Preserving your own food can be healthier and tastier and is a great way to support your community and preserve the harvest. It is also a lot of fun! We know that sometimes we are creating our own competitors, and that is good too. We believe in a spirit of "coopetition". The more people who are out there creating delicious preserved foods, the better we will all become.

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