American Made Since 2012
Pasadena, California
Modern design, 80 years in the making. Minimalism using rare 1920's glass and delicate gold.

Tell us about your business.

I grew up in California getting to pursue my first love working on feature films. I have been fortunate to work all over the world on such movies as “Speedracer,” “Contraband,” and "Troy." The second love came out of sad circumstances. My grandmother passed leaving me her collection of jewelry. She was a spit fire and lived a long fantastic life where you dressed up to get on an airplane. Much of the jewelry was broken which I didn't want to throw away so I began studying fine jewelry making. What inspires me the most are the clean lines of mid century designers like Eames, Herman Miller and Neutra. Their work contains an effortless elegance where every element has a purpose. Combining a love of both old and new, I search the globe to find quality vintage gems which always come with fantastic stories. My current collection, The Moderne Line, are gorgeous 1920's rare German glass beads each handmade and painted with 24k. 20% of proceeds from LilahV is donated to LLS.

What makes your business stand out?

▲▲ ▲ The Moderne Story ▲▲ ▲ Rich color combinations exclusive to LilahV. The rare beads you see are composed of vintage German glass and 24k gold. The glass comes from a famed but long-defunct German glassworks in Sudetenland. The molds and chemical pigments used in glass production from 1920 - 1930 are no longer available, which is why so many of the shapes and hues are unusual. Sometime in the 60’s the designer disappeared and the entire lot lost. Just recently the beads were uncovered buried in a factory. Since the beads are no longer able to be produced, they are rare and highly collectable. LilahV’s secret supplier has the only cache of these finite beads. All LilahV designs are limited editions. LilahV jewelry is finished with 14k gold filled material. To continue the exquisite standard Moderne jewelry is finished with 14k gold filled chain, clasps, ear wires and findings.

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