ARROYO + Made in Nashville

American Made Since 2013

Chris Johnston & Katie Johnston

Nashville, Tennessee
Husband and wife team. He's a Southern man, she's a Western girl. Together they build things and make stuff.

Tell us about your business.

ARROYO was dreamed up one lazy, Tennessee afternoon about 6 months ago. While sitting around our little, 500 sq. ft apartment brainstorming about what we'd really love to be doing with lives. ARROYO was born. Chris had been obsessed with wood carving and wood crafting for years, but had only recently started to play around with scrap and reclaimed wood. Within a couple months, we had a new bookshelf, coffee table, and set of Adirondack chairs. On the other hand, I had been dabbling in jewelry making for awhile -- more for my own collection than anything else. As regulars at Nashville's local, monthly flea market, we'd both find unique materials to further the development of our side projects. It's there where we really started to feel that if all of these people could make a living creating and selling -- so could we... Creating an Instagram, Twitter, and Etsy account for ARROYO was what finally made it real. Our first wholesale order shipped two weeks ago.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Be your own biggest fan. If you make jewelry -- wear it everyday. If you make furniture -- your house better be filled with the stuff. If you don't believe in your idea, why should anyone else?!

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