Lilian Eve Designs

American Made Since 2009

Regina Brotherton

Bangor, Pennsylvania
I'm spreading the word on how fulfilling & necessary creativity is to the human soul. Teacher by day & crafty wife all other hours I can squeeze.
Pennsylvania Craft
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I'm the designer for LilianEveDesigns, a wife, & a high school teacher among other things. I love to create & totally need to create- everyday & all hours of the day. I'm spreading the word on how fulfilling and necessary creativity is to the human soul. Love & nurture your family, be true & honest with your friends and... make good stuff -- three necessary, yummy ingredients for a happy & beautiful life. Hence, the name selected for my shop meaning = beautiful life. I've always been an old soul. Lover of vintage, old world charm, and long for days with pies that cool on window sills- long sun bleached hair- grandma's strawberry printed cardigan- nanny's hot pink and green crocheted chevron print afghan- & days filled with not enough hours to sit, hook, glue, paint, sew, & chat about crafts over a mason jar filled ice tea with blueberries. I long to inspire, make things that make people smile & feel comfort... totally a junkie for what my future holds. I'd love to craft for a living.

What makes your business unique?

I am inspired by everyday life & pour myself into everything from the process of selecting materials to making & packaging. Each time I create something, I'm excited to make more & inspired to do more. It's a vicious cycle of creating that causes me to dig deep to see my crafty core. I love to be in the kitchen, in the garden or known to crochet or sew just about anywhere. Few people can relate but it's what keeps me going. I love to create. My enthusiasm for craft seems to be endless. If you have a special occasion, it's probably a handmade piece from me with a story behind it of countless hours & love. I have behind the scenes on IG @lilianevedesigns

What's the best business advice you've received?

From my dad: 'Do what you love & you will never work a day in your life.' I've gone many sleepless nights filling orders & the best nights of my life. Making things & sending them into the world. It's a simple idea but it's the root of truth. Cheers.

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