Village Therapy LLC

American Made Since 2012

Diane Blengs & Eloise Deveney

Saugus, Massachusetts
The primary purpose of Village Therapy LLC is making therapeutic weighted blankets for children and adults with sensory processing difficulties.

Tell us about your business.

Two friends who share a love of crafting and a desire to help people, put their heads and hands together to try to make a difference in the world. Diane, an occupational therapist specializing in Sensory Processing Disorders, dragged Eloise into this business venture in an effort to spend more time with her best friend in a meaningful endeavor. Diane had been making these therapeutic weighted blankets for 15 years on her own. Seeing how beneficial they were to people who need them (children and adults with autism ADHD, PTSD and developmental disorders, etc.) , she wanted to make them more accessible to people. Eloise quickly became an expert at making the blankets and was able to provide much useful advice on how to make them better. After building an inventory we were able to start marketing the blankets on a larger scale. We work well together. Our personal and business relationship is based on trust. We love making our blankets, seeing how much they help, and hope to keep it going.

What makes your business stand out?

What makes our business unique is our exclusive design of a therapeutic weighted blanket. The multi-sensory experience is created by 36 individual adjustable weights, a plush fleece side, a smooth cotton side, a silky blanket binder encasing the blanket around all four edges, the intense tactile sensory feedback from the texture of the popcorn kernels, the deep pressure proprioception of the weight, and the calming visual sensation of an integrated grid from the plaid fabric. Together these sensations create an appealing therapeutic tool for children and adults who benefit from deep pressure for a calming experience. Another unique feature of these blankets is that unlike other weighted blankets that use poly pellets, these blankets are safe. Popcorn kernels are completely digestible and pose no threat of creating an intestinal blockage (like poly pellets) if accidentally swallowed. The kernels will not pop in the dryer or in a hot car. They are machine washable and reasonably priced.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Profit is like happiness. Making a profit shouldn't be the goal of a business anymore than finding happiness should be your goal in life. Make a good product, be good to people, have a higher purpose, and profit will happen naturally. Practice conscious capitalism. John Mackey and Raj Sisodia, Conscious Capitalism This was confirmed by my friend Jan Olsen, the occupational therapist who created the company "Handwriting Without Tears." While I worked for her she taught me that if you are good to the people who work for you and with you, they will develop the same passion for your product that you have. That will make your company successful. She was right. We don't have any employees, but we practice that philosophy with our customers and it pays off. Our best advertising has been word of mouth from satisfied customers. We never focus on profit. We love making our blankets and we frequently GIVE them away and give discounts to families who would find it a hardship to pay for them.

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