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Shelley Martin

Portland, Oregon
vitrifiedstudio is a home based Portland Oregon ceramics studio focusing on simple modern utilitarian wares. From my home and my hands to yours.

Tell us about your business.

vitrifiedstudio started as a dream of making ceramics that I love to share with friends and family. vitrifiedstudio is currently located in a small studio in my backyard where I make and and fire the work. I sell not only to people in the community, but I am also able to reach customers all over the world through my online shop, as well as having my wholesale line carried in shops across the country and beyond. All of the pieces are made by hand. The designs evolve constantly, and I am always learning and growing as a maker. As vitrifiedstudio gains momentum and the business expands, no matter how big it grows, I will always be sure to only make work that I love, in a meaningful and sustainable way.

What makes your business stand out?

vitrifiedstudio is unique in that it is a small home based pottery studio where I have no commute, and I spend my days quietly making pieces in my backyard, but I use social media to connect daily with followers, collectors, and fellow makers around the world. vitrifiedstudio is starting to become an internationally recognized line, while still functioning as a small home based business. I am always amazed by how far a small business can go, in this current day and age. With the technology we have, I am able to return to a centuries old craft and tradition of making pottery by hand at home, yet still support myself and having a growing far reaching business.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Watching a Pearl Jam documentary on PBS, I heard the band say the most important thing is "learning how to say no". I think its really important to create the path where your business will go, by pursing many opportunities, reaching as forward as far as you can, and running after it as fast as you can. But there are some opportunities that you need to learn to say no to, in order to grow carefully, and maintain the heart and soul of your company. You are the one who knows what is best for your business, and you need hold true to the core values and carefully craft what it will become.

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