Flux Productions

American Made Since 2004

Ryan Greer

Brooklyn, New York
Flux is a small Brooklyn-based accessories company with an emphasis on durability, craft, and local production.

Tell us about your business.

I started Flux Productions while I was still in art school at Cooper Union as a small tshirt company. With an extremely humble beginning printing tshirts in my bedroom and selling them on the street, I eventually grew into a larger workspace and a much broader range of creative work. Starting in 2008 I began experimenting with constructing felt and leather bags. The feedback was really astonishing and soon the business moved organically into more and more constructed bags in various materials. Today I have a little studio in a converted candy factory in Brooklyn where I design and construct each piece by hand. Since the beginning Flux was set up to be a kind of fluid business model where reinvention and experimentation were the business model rather than mass production. By following that I've managed to stay engaged with the design process and to feel like there is an excitement in trying to come up with new ideas each week.

What makes your business stand out?

Flux is a very small business in which the maker, designer, and salesperson are one and the same. This gives me the unique ability to establish relationships with individual clients. I regularly invite people to the studio to pick out colors and materials for new bags. I think the openness to letting people behind the scenes and really inviting them into the process is what makes this business unique.

What's the best business advice you've received?

"let all your work be done with love". There's a very nice letter-pressed version of this quote hanging right next to my workbench.

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