Kelly Kay Paper

American Made Since 2007

Kelly Kay Vidrine

Fort Worth, Texas
Hand-drawn art becomes lovely invitations & social paper. Be memorable.

Tell us about your business.

Working in a pretty little paper shop, I noticed a Kelly-sized gap in the market and later enjoyed mutual elation when I started designing invites for others. Nowadays: first, the Idea (never fails to hit while hair-washing or highway driving). Second, inspiration & layout design: a little image research, a LOT of sketching and layers of tracing paper to improve the design with each try. Then the best part: Draw. The more colors, the chunkier the oil pastel texture, the messier my arm, the better. I scan in finished artwork for color correcting & image perfecting. What I lack in raw talent, I make up for in Photoshop. Growing & going: I would be so happy to see my artwork adorning cake plates, serving trays & throw pillows ... and later as an area rug, a china pattern, on furniture. Gasp! My pink rosettes painted across your bedside table! As we do what we do each day, I find more Kelly-sized gaps in the market that need to be filled with something lovely, unique & American Made.

What makes your business stand out?

Rich, chunky, vibrant & beautiful artwork printed on fabulous paper, wrapped up in a decadent envelope. Every piece is like a little present for the recipient. Getting your mail should be an event; I help make that possible. So put on your heels & pearls and let's go down to the mailbox! You know what else? We genuinely care about our customers. We have nice manners, we strive to be kind and helpful, to fully answer your questions, to listen to your needs. When is the last time you contacted a company you do business with and felt like they gave a hoot about you? Well, we do. Hoot hoot!

What's the best business advice you've received?

Love, adore, live for what you do. Be the best. Figure out a way to get paid doing what you love. "Overnight success" takes about 15 years. The odds are against you, so fight it out and never give up.

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