Frazier + Wing

American Made Since 2007

Heather Frazier

Portland, Oregon
Frazier + Wing is known for our colorful, hand crafted paper mobiles and garlands.

Tell us about your business.

One of my earliest impulses as a child was to make things and my favorite make believe activity was to "play store". I truly love creating - the physical act of working with my hands is so satisfying and essential for me. And I love sell what I make. I used to be a shopkeeper and I made the early versions of my mobiles and garlands to use in my window displays. Customers loved them and encouraged me to make them to sell. When I took a pause from retail I knew I wanted to start another small business based on a product I made and designed myself. Frazier + Wing was born from my experimentation with materials, color and form, which resulted in the mobiles and garlands I sell today. I hand make each piece that leaves my studio. The slow process requires patience and focus because I pay very close attention to detail and care very much about fine craftsmanship. My education in art and fashion design as well as my interest in all aspects of visual culture informs the work that I make.

What makes your business stand out?

I am proud to have created something that feels uniquely my own. My unique interpretation of the mobile form is the result of combining simple materials and shapes with sophisticated color combinations that results in something unexpected. My work seems to attract people of all ages and people connect with it on an emotional level. This makes me very happy! I am committed to creating products that enhance environments and experiences in a meaningful way - I think that objects and products that are beautiful and finely crafted can achieve this.

What's the best business advice you've received?

To trust my intuition, stay true to my vision, be kind and hire very talented people. Persistence, a positive outlook, and the ability to carry on even when afraid are good qualities to have as a small business owner.

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