Ekko Workshop

American Made Since 2013

Matt Richards & Ben Cogdill

Portland, Oregon
Ekko Workshop creates modern mobiles for the masses. Thoughtfully designed, precision crafted, and absolutely lovely to look at.

Tell us about your business.

For more than 10 years, Ekko Mobiles has created large-scale mobiles and kinetic sculptures for homes, businesses, and organizations across the globe. Ekko Workshop was created to provide mobiles, stabiles, and home decor for design-savvy folks who want the same high-quality, well-designed masterpiece you would get from Ekko Mobiles, but without the commission process, the massive size, the lead time, or the commission-sized price tag. Yep, just open your Ekko Workshop box, pull out your new treat, and immediately find it a home in your home. Or office. Or wherever. (It will look great anywhere.) The Ekko Workshop team is part engineer, part industrial designer, with more than a decade of mobile-making experience. Their technical backgrounds make these guys obsessed with design, details, and durability. The result is our new line of engineered art from from Ekko Workshop. Pieces that are thoughtfully designed, precision crafted, and, after all is said and done, absolutely lovely.

What makes your business stand out?

Our Ekko Workshop team includes a former engineer and a trained industrial designer, which means we're intensely focused on quality. We've taken more than ten years of experience creating large-scale kinetic art and distilled everything we've learned into small, beautiful, but attainable pieces that can reside even in the smallest dwelling. We're also intensely committed to producing our mobiles locally. Everything we create is designed, sourced, manufactured, and assembled entirely in our hometown of Portland, Oregon.

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