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Corrinne Hobbs

Silver Spring, Maryland
SugarLumpsies is a line of chichi handmade hair accessories for little girls (age 0-12) that are full of spunk, sparkle, and sassiness

Tell us about your business.

Two months ago I started SugarLumpsies, a line of cute, fun and sassy handmade hair bows for infants and little girls. The inspiration and muse for SugarLumpsies is my one year old daughter who is spunky, fun-loving and already very opinionated when it comes to fashion. Unable to find bows that matched her clothes, personality or size I created hair bows that are sweet yet spunky and darling yet sassy and all of them are proportional to the size of both infants and little girls. As she began to wear them inquiries regarding where to purchase them increased, this lead me to create SugarLumpsies. The name is in honor of my great-grandmother as this was her nickname for me. Currently I am focused on establishing an online presence and selling SugarLumpsies in baby boutiques in my area and beyond.

What makes your business stand out?

SugarLumpsies are special because no two are exactly alike and each hair bow is handmade. Further, SugarLumpsies is commited to making a contribution towards organizations that strengthen self-esteem in young girls.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Do what you love and follow your passion

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