MoonMaid Botanicals

American Made Since 1991

cynthia johnston

cosby, Tennessee
Since 1991 MoonMaid Botanicals has provided high quality handcrafted herbals that are good for you and safe for our planet.

Tell us about your business.

MoonMaid Botanicals, founded in 1991, by Cynthia Johnston, herbalist, was created to provide women and men safe herbal remedies for hormone balance issues. We have added other "herbals" for skin and body care. We grow and wild-craft many of the herbs used in our products or source as much as we can in the USA. We strive to be a zero waste company. Located on 5 acres in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, we have just applied to become a member plant sanctuary with United Plant Savers and are moving forward with plans for an onsite classroom. At this location we will do herb walks, teach some of the "how to's" of herbs and hope to inspire a next generation of herbalists with a children's program. At our production facility, also located in Cosby, Tennessee, we blend herbs, oils, essential oils and flower essences creating beautiful, nourishing creams and salves. We can be found online, in EarthFare, Chamberlains/Akins chain and some Whole Foods markets throughout the US.

What makes your business stand out?

The way we create our herbals!!! We do extra long infusions of our base oils. These oils are then carefully crafted into salves or creams for our various products. We combine all elements of the "herbal" realm that include herbal base oils, flower essences, flower hydrosols and gemstones. Our careful attention to detail makes our products well known for the tiny size of this company.

What's the best business advice you've received?

"Find your elevator statement." When one can describe their business in the time it takes to "ride the elevator" one then has a concise description of the business mission statement and purpose. SCORE coach, Ken Porterfield

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