Artie Art

American Made Since 2012

Susan Roseman

Plumsteadville, Pennsylvania
Artie Art is a distinctive line of fun cards, papers & gifts. Each item is handmade, one of a kind and combines attitude, sentiment, & charm.

Tell us about your business.

Artie Art was inspired by my love of art, dogs and joy in life. Artie was a therapy dog, companion, loyal friend and much loved canine member of our family. He brought a smile to everyone he met. He had charm, personality and attitude. His spirit, determination and drive inspired me during a difficult time to create a line of cards and dedicate it to him. Each card begins with a witty saying and a dog at a table with food and drink. Elements are drawn and carved out of erasers to become stamps. The image is then stamped on paper, cut out, and collaged onto a background of colors, and handmade patterns. The result is a unique card that makes you smile, laugh and feel good. And that’s just like Artie! From the cards the characters are enlivening other places and things... From magnets, T shirts, tags and party favors too. I see my business evolving to encompass a full and robust Artie Art line of lovingly inspired art cards and gifts.

What makes your business stand out?

My work is unique because it reflects my personal graphic style - bold, strong, and fun. The art expresses situations and intentions with layers of color and handmade patterns that enrich each card with a distinctive look. The dog’s expressions give a humor and focus to the scenes that make the viewer smile at the art and the double entendre’s reflected in the sayings. There is great potential for numerous applications because the artwork can be applied to multiple items– from clothing to accessories so that the product line is fully expandable and can continually evolve to reflect changing social situations and conditions. The artwork and sayings can be geared to different age groups, genders and lifestyles. Artie Art is appealing to anyone who enjoys life.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Throughout the growth of the business, there have been many ups and downs. There has not been one single piece of advice that supersedes all others, but rather a culmination of bits and pieces that have sustained me during the process. • Be patient allow your work to develop • Focus on what you’ve accomplished rather than what you have not • Believe in yourself and be true to your creative style and direction • Repurpose for marketing • Learn from your mistakes - they are a part of the learning process • If there is a road block, find a way around it • Be generous and remember to help others along the way.

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