Talant Trade Co LLC

American Made Since 2012

Johnson Benjamin

Corinth, Mississippi
Talant Trade Co. is a small, handcrafted bag company based in a small studio in rural northern Mississippi

Tell us about your business.

Talant developed from witnessing the decline of American industry and from being motivated by a new generation of artisans and craftsmen. In the winter of 2011 when searching for a business name, I recalled the parable of the talents. The parable’s message is that a person is charged to do as much as possible with his given talents. That story made a significant impression on me, and to constantly remind myself to make the most of the talents I’ve been given, I chose Talant as the name for my business. 
 Talant focuses on small batch production of backpacks and over-the-shoulder bags. The production team consists of two people—my mother and me. Each bag is constructed by hand from cotton canvas duck, brass hardware, and heavy cotton webbing. Construction of each item involves the use of industrial machinery and durable, bonded thread.

What makes your business stand out?

Several design elements and construction methods of our Talant bags are inspired by old-stock canvas items, such as military surplus and vintage work wear. Talant bags feature a heavy ounce, rugged canvas duck exterior with a canvas lining and fully adjustable straps. The bags also feature various interior and exterior pockets and a quick grab handle. Talant Trade Co. bags are intended for daily use and adventure. Each bag develops its own character along the way, making each bag unique to its owner.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Start small, grow slowly and borrow little.

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