My Moldy Garden

American Made Since 2010

Denise Roberts

Columbus, Indiana
I create garden art using vintage kitchen molds, utensils, dining ware, etc.. My Moldy Garden brings nostalgia, beauty & whimsy to your home.

Tell us about your business.

I have always enjoyed art, especially tinkering to make a vision come to life. I, also, enjoy antique shopping. My business combines these two pleasures wonderfully. I had purchased a bag of items at an auction that included some Jell-O molds. After having set on a shelf for some time, I held one in my hands turning it over and over, again. As if told to do so, I took my tin snips and started cutting the molds into flowers, one after another. I cut, hammer, bend and shape molds into flowers accenting with lids, utensils and even hair pins! I create Tea-Tots using tea balls, funnels, measuring cups, bottle caps, ,etc.. I use beautiful vintage serving dishes to make garden art, bird baths and feeders. I purchase my aluminum rods (stems) from my local recycling co.. I have sold at our Farmer's Market, a few local stores and have been in recycled art shows. I hope to one day have my own shop for My Moldy Garden to grow new products and to help other artists have a place to exhibit.

What makes your business stand out?

I make a great effort to search out all aluminum pieces. So, no rust which allows my works to remain outside all year(they look beautiful in the snow). I give beautiful vintage pieces that have not been seen in years a new life. Often, this ignites conversations with customers which has become one of my favorite things. An older person's face will light up when they recognize a mold that their mother used when they were a child or a dish family used only on special occasions. I was taught how vintage hair pins were used to create finger waves. I teach younger people what a Jell-O mold is! One of my first sales was to a grandmother and her granddaughter who bought my flower to put in their garden they have grown together since the younger could walk. They said it was the perfect thing for them but it has been the perfect memory for me. My Moldy Garden is unique because it brings history, nostalgia, beauty and whimsy to people to enjoy.

What's the best business advice you've received?

" Let yourself decide what art is- don't let others dictate it to you."

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