American Made Since 1999

Erin Lareau Lareau

Los Angeles, California
Erin Lareau turns everyday objects into shimmering "objets de fantasie" by paving them crystals - machine age Faberge

Tell us about your business.

I bejeweled my late father's vintage movie camera and converted it to to a purse that was subsequently called the "Best Purse of the Evening" when a nominee wore it to the Academy Awards. Instinctively drawn to the light, I began bejeweling iconic "objet" - This evolved into both sculpture and painting with pavé crystal. The work has landed in several museums and I've a long list of celebrity clients since my first "bling" microphone in 1999.

What makes your business stand out?

The kinetic quality and sheer glamour of the shimmering crystals. There is a reason jewels have long been precious. Each crystal has 12 facets which creates infinite shimmer and play. Many of us are instinctively drawn to light.

What's the best business advice you've received?

I'm a longtime admirer of Martha Stewart, since I met her at a YPO event in Jamaica - around the publication of her first book.

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