Your Baby To Be

American Made Since 2012

Margaret Blat & Agnieszka Golasik

New York, New York
Your Baby To Be brings life to the very first photos of all babies by transforming gray sonograms into glamorous and breathtaking artwork.

Tell us about your business.

We are two friends, Margaret and Agnieszka, a business women and an artist who decided to join forces and create Your Baby To Be – the company that helps parents preserve memories of seeing their unborn babies for the first time during an ultrasound procedure. Being one of the milestones of pregnancy, the experience of this very first glance stays engraved in mother’s heart forever. But for most, ultrasound pictures eventually end up buried in a box of keepsakes. At Your Baby To Be, we strongly believe that the captured beauty of unborn child deserves to be embraced and preserved forever. For that reason, we decided to turn the gift of life into a true work of art. We work with 2D or 3D sonograms and take them from gray to glamorous, so they can nourish observer’s eyes, looking amazingly beautiful. Our baby prenatal portraits give new meaning to interior design, wall décor, baby shower and new arrival gifts. They perfectly complement a nursery, living room, bedroom and even an office.

What makes your business stand out?

Beyond doubt, Your Baby To Be portraits make unique and most remarkable presents ever. To create the final artwork we developed unique process that allows us to transform gray ultrasound baby picture into a glamorous portrait. Unlike others, we do not offer portraits that have just few colors on a plain background. Your Baby To Be portraits overflow with all colors of the rainbow, so the energy of new life seems to burst out of the images. No one makes them as vibrant and offers them on that many mediums as we do, both traditional and modern. In addition, every portrait can be fully customized from materials to size to colors and style.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Dream big, work hard and always trust your instincts.

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