The Folklore Doll Company, LLC

American Made Since 1992

Marie Solli & Anne Solli

York, Maine
Heirloom quality Scandinavian style folklore figures, crafted in vegan materials: hemp, cotton, linen, bamboo... traditional yet contemporary.

Tell us about your business.

A love of folklore and a desire to be a part of that tradition was the inspiration for designing these figures. We wanted to create dolls of an heirloom quality that could stand the test of time, and like folklore, be passed down to future generations. It is paramount we use natural, biodegradable materials, so we sew their clothing in linens, yarn-dyed cottons, hemp, and bamboo, and fill their bodies with recycled glass pellets, and organic cotton. We use bamboo felt for their faces, with glass eyes. We fashion the beards and hair from flax or hemp fiber—no wool fleece. In addition to being “green” and in keeping with our vegan beliefs, we feel they acquire a fresh, contemporary look. They are fully jointed, with a combination of wire, glass pellets, and disk-joints. We use no molds to form their faces, so no two are exactly alike--a slightly different nose, the cant of an eyelid, the arch of a brow, all lead to an infinite variety of faces. Our goal is to always go greener.

What makes your business stand out?

The uniqueness of our business results from our three guiding principles, namely, that we use natural materials, that we use vegan materials, and that we build each figure with the quality of “once upon a time”. Being restricted by these principles forced us to seek alternative materials to the readily available polyester battings, stiff patterned fabrics, and massive fleece beards and hair. As a result, we feel this has allowed us to create dolls which, instead of being old-fashioned and outdated, are at once traditional and contemporary. And, although built to last, we are happy knowing that if they did somehow end up on the ground, eventually they would quietly, unobtrusively, return to the soil.

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