American Made Since 2009

Bret Englander & Daniel Wacholder & Nick Sheridan

Laguna Beach, California
Cerno was started by 3 lifelong friends that are passionate about design and manufacturing modern LED light fixtures in the U.S.A.

Tell us about your business.

Cerno is rooted in a 25-year-old friendship and in 2009 childhood friends; Daniel Wacholder, Bret Englander and Nick Sheridan decided jump off the entrepreneurial cliff together and start Cerno. Growing up we had an insatiable appetite for building and innovating. As boys we built boats, beach huts, and a stairwell down to our favorite beach and many other projects. Today we are a vertically integrated design and manufacturing company that specializes in creating modern LED light fixtures. We are passionate about the process of conceiving, designing and building our products. We are also passionate about making our products in the USA, and proud of the company and family that we are building. Cerno is continually evolving. We strive to challenge ourselves to be innovators and pioneers in our field and hopefully to keep producing products that our customers love and appreciate as much as we do. Cerno: -Verb (Latin) 1. To resolve, distinguish, decide, sift.

What makes your business stand out?

Everyone at Cerno shares a passion for designing really well made modern objects that are produced responsibly. Cerno’s three founders possess extremely different yet very complimentary skill sets and I believe this makes us unique and strong. Nick studied and worked as an architect. Daniel studied engineering and ran a manufacturing company. Bret worked in finance and later in marketing. Our unique chemistry works well and the fact that we all have very defined leadership roles allows us to thrive and continue to get along well. When comparing us to other companies I think we are also unique because the three of us were all best friends growing up and know each other really well. The trust and belief that we have in one another creates an amazing foundation to build a business on. This intimate understanding of one another also creates cohesiveness in our products. We design what we want to see built.

What's the best business advice you've received?

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