Pure Scents Candle Company

American Made Since 2006

Margaret Mace

Chester Springs, Pennsylvania
We hand pour 100% Soy Wax candles that are richly scented. With none of the chemicals & found in other candles, these will burn clean & long!

Tell us about your business.

I bought this business from a woman who started it in her kitchen because I loved the product. I have spent the past 7 years making a superior product. I source my candle components from US supplies to make this product truly Made In America! Made in small batches to insure high quality, I do not use dyes or UV Stabilizers and no oils that contain phthalates that might trigger allergies, asthma or headaches. With no preservatives or other chemicals, my candles provide a lovely natural scent to a space. My candles burn clean, and longer that paraffin candles. I have recently joined a cooperative of artisan producers. We cross market each other's products, meet to address the challenges we face getting our products to market, and we are using our growing membership to improve our buying power for supplies and shipping, etc. Aromatherapy can help people suffering through illness. I want to expand my website to help identify which scents can possibly provide some relief.

What makes your business stand out?

Most importantly, I make an excellent candle! I still hand pour all of them to ensure the highest quality. I pour many candles to order, and can create scents based on my customers' requests. I have tremendous customer service! My customers are loyal & have been with me for many years. They know if there is a problem with their purchase, I will correct the problem and then some! My response to any complaint is an opportunity for me to establish a personal connection as a small business owner, resulting in a loyal client. I use a very simple list of ingredients to keep my candles as natural as possible. If I can't understand what the ingredient is, it does not go into my candle. I am committed to buying my supplies from American sources. This is a challenge as US manufacturing has declined, but I believe my extra effort shows in a better product. I use very little packaging with my product. This helps to keep the cost down, as well as keeping my carbon footprint low.

What's the best business advice you've received?

When selling a product, do not try to sell a product at a price point for everyone. Do not discount what you make to give it away cheaply. Because I work in a small scale and only buy the best components for my candle, they are not "cheap." But I only have to sell one candle to someone to make them a loyal returning customer. My advice to give people is when you are selling a product, you have to SHOW UP! I sell at many events, mostly Farmer's Markets. It's demanding work in challenging weather. Sometimes the crowd stays home. But I will never know unless I go! My other advice is to know exactly how much your product costs to make. It is the foundation of your business model.

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