American Made Since 2008

Jay Kriner

New Braunfels, Texas
Go hands free at a concert, BBQ, sporting event or even fishing with the world's first retractable can or bottle holding belt buckle!

Tell us about your business.

Starting in 2008 with a all in or nothing approach we invented the world's first can or bottle holding belt buckle that turns out to not only be fashionable but so useful! Now we have not one but two patents on our buckle and out to shock the world! Mainly sold online and a few retailers in the U.S., it won't be long until it's in every sporting goods store, mall, concert, runway and household in America! 100% designed and made in the United States! Our quality and manufacturing beats some of the world's best out there and having 100% made right here brings our great nation rights to brag!

What makes your business stand out?

Heck! We invented the world's first and only belt buckle that retracts down to hold a beverage and more! Cans, bottles, shoot even snacks! Started by the inventor Jay, who still runs the whole thing, even down to assisting customers on the phone! Growth is in the plans! It all started off a $10,000 budget to design, make, market and sell, now we sell out frequently and demand is ever growing!

What's the best business advice you've received?

Best advice as a tiny business owner was to reinvest profits into growth. It's tough with bills and over excitement of growth, but it works. Next thing you know you're on a new level of business! I've had to learn as I go as I'm not a business expert or degreed business specialist so advice was coming in left and right, I just had to take every bit and piece it all together in my own way to apply it. Advice will never stop nor will the learning!

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