McNotions LLC, Good Honest Soap and Lotion

American Made Since 2013

Sally McIntyre

Edmonds, Washington
All natural bath and body care enriched with botanical elements & essential oils. Chemical free. Vegan. No gluten or soy.

Tell us about your business.

Several years ago an encounter with environmental toxins drastically changed my life in many ways. I mostly live in a bubble to avoid allergic reactions and began eliminating as many commercial products from my life as possible. I also learned the wonderful world of handcrafting soap and body care items. Soapmaking is a combination of a love of many crafts. Gardenings creative side, playing with different color and texture combinations. Planting something, nurturing it, seeing it grow and thrive. There's just something so therapeutic about plunging fingers into the soil every now and then. Baking bread. Waiting and watching the dough rise, working and kneading it into shape. Cheesemaking teaches one patience and precision. After being laid off and having difficulty finding another job due to environmental limitations I put on work clothes, attempted to be self sufficient and began selling soap and skincare at local farmers markets.

What makes your business stand out?

McNotions specializes in meeting the needs of individuals seeking a cleaner, healthier, natural lifestyle as well as environmental and chemically sensitive individuals. We are strongly committed to providing high quality non-toxic products free of chemical additives, synthetic preservatives, petroleum, parabens, formaldehyde, artificial color, dye and fragrance. Many thanks to my loving and understanding family, to faithful friends, patient medical professionals and new acquaintances that have provided so much help, support and inspiration. Being a quiet, contemplative and private person I'm not very good at displaying tons of emotion, but I'm pretty sure (hopefully) you all know how thankful I am to have you in my life or that our paths crossed. There really is good, and good people, in the world. It's right there waiting for us to find.

What's the best business advice you've received?

You don't want to just be a dreamer, but you do want to have dreams. You don't want to just be a visionary, but you better have vision. Out of your dream form your visions . Out of your visions, when you put work clothes on those, they are called goals. ~ Dave Ramsey

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