The Broken Plate Pendant Co.

American Made Since 2006

Juliet Ames

Baltimore, Maryland
I create contemporary jewelry from recycled china including wedding sets and custom jewelry made from sentimental broken china shards

Tell us about your business.

Juliet Ames is a Baltimore, MD crafter who has enjoyed getting her hands dirty and making things since she was a small child. While she played with Lego’s and Play-Doh she would have never dreamed that one day she would break plates for a living! It all began after making a simple, mosaic that repurposed all of the plates Juliet collected from thrift shops over the years. When the mailbox was complete, she was left with a pile of broken plate shards that were begging for a new life. She wrapped one in solder and made a pendant out of it and began wearing it. The public demand for more pendants grew, and thus, The Broken Plate Pendant Co. was born. The Broken Plate Pendant Co. has evolved to cater to more custom work. Ames discovered that broken plate shards hold a lot of sentimental value for many people. Her job has become incredibly rewarding, as she transforms broken pieces of a shattered family dish or wedding plate into wearable heirlooms for a client’s family.

What makes your business stand out?

My designs are a more contemporary version of the recycled shard necklace. Utilizing contemporary patters and focusing on custom orders from client supplied sentimental plates sets my company apart.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Hire a bookkeeper.

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