For Goodness Grape

American Made Since 2010

Lisa List

Columbia, Maryland
ForGoodnessGrape is an innovative American Made online boutique featuring whimsically crafted beauty products with extremely diverse selections.
Maryland Style
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As the founder, owner and chief alchemist of ForGoodnessGrape I endeavor to bring the most interesting and fun formulations of skin care products to the planet. Specializing in lip balms, tints, scrubs and solid or oil based perfumes as well as a constantly growing product line the business has grown tremendously over the past 3 years. In April of 2010 it was my vision to provide the highest possible quality lip care products to my customers using Etsy as a springboard and launching point for what was to become one of the most diverse and prolific selections of hand crafted lip and skin care products in the world. With a philosophy of "beauty should be fun" and uncompromising attention to the best all natural, organic and earth friendly ingredients, ForGoodnessGrape has revolutionized the landscape of skin care formulations with a selection of exquisitely crafted products that have brought satisfaction and glee to the point of obsession to customers worldwide.

What makes your business unique?

The uniqueness of ForGoodnessGrape is found in its constant innovation, its inculcation of whimsy, the diversity and dedication of its patrons as well as its seemingly endless variety. Where else can you order a Unicorn Kisses Lip Balm, stock up on Orange Scream Halloween Sugar Lip Scrubs for that upcoming All Hallows Eve party and contribute to a Montana Moose Lips balm being delivered to our military personnel overseas? ForGoodnessGrape is changing the way people think about beauty by injecting fun into the mixture, using special care in sourcing premium quality ingredients and making them available to anybody who has a craving for the flavor of fantasy. Each day brings new opportunities for fun flavors. Experiencing life with an attitude of fun provides an endless source of research that culminates in delightful creations that stimulate the senses and sparkles the imagination. Please visit to see what you've been missing including over 500 lip balm flavors/formulations.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Never give up on something that you can't go a day without thinking about. Author unknown

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