American Made Since 1998

Art Maruyama

Los Angeles, California
For over 14 years, Bluewick has hand crafted home fragrance products like scented candles and fragrance diffusers entirely made in the USA.

Tell us about your business.

Bluewick was born as a hobby. The owner, Art Maruyama, had worked as a Police Officer in Los Angeles for 11 years and needed a more creative profession. His love of fragrance and candle light is his passion. Art spent countless hours learning candle making from craft books and online resources and soon developed his formulas for wax base and fragrance in his apartment kitchen (ruining the counters in the process). On his days off, Art would pitch a canopy at local farmer's markets and sell his candles. They were an incredible hit that quickly developed a loyal following. It was at a market where he met his first sales representative and the rest, as they say, is history. Today, Bluewick enjoys a loyal following because our mission is simple. To craft American made, enjoyable scented goods made with a strong eco-philosophy and lots of love.

What makes your business stand out?

#1 - Everything we do is Made in the USA: In an industry where it's easy to our source product manufacturing for much less, Bluewick has always maintained our Made in the USA stamp. We are unique in that we support our national vendors and suppliers. #2 - Our Apricot Wax is the BEST and OURS! In addition, our candles are made with an all natural apricot wax which allows the products to burn substantially cleaner than a soy wax candle with less soot and smoke. Other benefits include increased fragrance throw and extended life. #3 - We're GREEN Each product we make is carefully made with the environment in mind - so, our packaging is sourced from recycled fiber board, our components from recycled metals and glass, our inks are soy based and everything printed with 100% wind energy. We also avoid solvents, petro-chemicals and harmful components in our product assortments. We use vegetable based formats for our candles, fragrance diffusers and parfums. People love it!

What's the best business advice you've received?

Before I started Bluewick, having researched the industry and the category quite well, I asked several business people what pearly words of wisdom they could share. Well, among the most random thoughts I received there was one that really stuck and for me, still applies today quite well. It was a quick but poignant statement " You don't have to be the biggest in your business. Enjoy what you do, create and keep your pulse on what the customer wants".

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