Bathhouse Soapery

American Made Since 2009

Charlene Simon

Hot Springs, Arkansas
Bathhouse is a handcrafted bath & body company founded in Hot Springs, AR. Our products are made fresh daily across from famous, Bathhouse Row!
Arkansas Craft
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Soapmaking started as a hobby and time-passer for me while my husband served on submarines in the Navy during the early 2000s. In 2009 Bathhouse Soapery was founded out of my love for the craft and the urge to make the beautiful processes something more to show the world. Soap had been a passion and hobby for so long that opening a retail store front was risky. Financial risk is always the first thing start up businesses sweat about but for me the risk was taking the passion I love so dearly and possibly burdening it with the woes that start up businesses encounter. Today, being a few years old, Bathhouse Soapery has turned into an even bigger labor of love than I could have ever imagined. Our customers not only love that the products made out of love and fun but that they are American Made.

What makes your business unique?

Bathhouse Soapery's products are made fresh, daily in our retail storefront. They are inspired by all things that make you smile. They are an affordable slice of luxury that you can enjoy during your "me" time.

What's the best business advice you've received?

People are always going to try to give you advice and tell you what you should/could be doing to help your business. Listen to your heart, follow where it says to go and things will always move in the direction you see success. Never let anyone talk you out of what fuels your passions.

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