My Favorite Indulgence

American Made Since 2013

Vicki Schrimmer

Irvine, California
Treat yourself to the best. We hope you will make My Favorite Indulgence™ YOUR favorite indulgence.

Tell us about your business.

My company evolved from my passionate addiction to baking, my love of eating and the simple notion that something THIS delicious MUST be shared. I am a self-taught/family-taught/taste-buds-taught baker. For 10 solid years I was on a personal quest to make one of my favorite snacks of all-time…… granola! After hundreds of trial batches during those years, experimenting with different flavor combinations, changing up the recipe, I eventually produced a winner of a recipe. This flavor was my “Granola with Nuts”. The final test came when I worked as a Pastry Chef for a local café. I had the best food critics ever. Can you believe the café’s hungry audience included the entire Sheriff Department, Police Department, CSI, federal judges and City Council members who run the county I live in? Quite an impressive crowd to feed AND please! I loved hearing from my customers that my granola tasted better than anything else imaginable! That’s when I knew for sure that My Favorite Indulgence needed

What makes your business stand out?

Welcome to My Favorite Indulgence™ – world-class gourmet granola! I’m Vicki Schrimmer, founder and Chief Tasting Officer. Our product is: • All-natural • Trans-fat-free • Vegan • Preservative-free • Slow-roasted in small batches • Extra-crunchy • Available in four scrumptious flavors • Produced locally • Simply irresistible • All our ingredients are easy to spell AND pronounce • We offer the BEST customer service! • LOVE to do in-store taste samplings and so we can get to know ALL the shoppers personally

What's the best business advice you've received?

The best advice I've received along the way is to always maintain my positive, upbeat and enthusiastic attitude - even on those days when things are not quite going the way I want. Keep the passion alive!

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