American Made Since 1998

Rodney Wray

Livermore, California
DRAINBO is your Safe, All-Natural alternative to toxic drain and household products. DRAINBO products are certified by the Natural Products Assc.

Tell us about your business.

DRAINBO was founded in 1998 through the innovation of Rodney Wray, a third generation plumber. Rodney had seen first hand the dangers and damage caused to people, plumbing and the environment by the use of caustic drain products. He wanted to be able to offer a safe, all-natural and non-toxic drain treatment to his customers, at which time DRAINBO was introduced. Fact is that chemical drain products are one of the most toxic products in the home today; made up of sulfuric acid, sodium hypochlorite (bleach), sodium hydroxide (lye), or potassium hydroxide (caustic potash) based products. They are not only dangerous to people and pets, causing possible skin and lung damage, but the environment and your plumbing as well. DRAINBO looks to change that! In fact DRAINBO offers the only drain, septic and/or holding tank products on the market today that are certified by the Natural Products Association (NPA). All DRAINBO's product are safe for people, pets and plants.

What makes your business stand out?

DRAINBO offers the only drain, septic and/or holding tanks products on the market that are certified by the Natural Products Association. So you know you are get a truly safe and all-natural product. All DRAINBO's product are non-corrosive and safe for all types of pipes, fittings and fixtures. Most important is the fact that DRAINBO products are safe for people, pets and plants.

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