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Denise Jackson-Gunter

Durham, North Carolina
We're in the business of providing blissful body care, made pure & simple, naturally.
North Carolina

Tell us about your business.

I began making soaps because I wanted to regain the soap supply I'd lost when my favorite soapmaker closed her doors. Being a baker initially, soaping was a simple sidestep into a world of softness, soothing scents, vibrant colours, and a relaxing shower at the end of a tiring day. Entirely self-taught, I've tried nearly every type of soaping, out there, but am willing and eager to learn anything new and exciting. I approach soaps, bath & body care production with an idea that first it looks good, then it needs to be appealing to the nose without overwhelming you, then it must feel luxuriously creamy, silky, soft, with lots of dense soothing lather, but eye appeal must be first to capture the attention. I hope to be in a stand alone, brick & mortar store in five years time, with a steady, constant client base that knows they'll find quality within my store. Nothing less.

What makes your business stand out?

I create soaps, beginning with the fragrance, letting it bring an image to my mind of how it should look, which colours I wish to use, if any, then taking it to the ingredients I want in each batch, which always requires some superior constants in every batch I make. I make small batches initially to try out new fragrances or blends first to see how they perform, then take it up to a full batch and create the final results you had in mind from the beginning. Liquid soaps, lotions, hair care products are approached with very little change in the approach except for colour use. I use the best ingredients available to produce the highest quality product possible, making small batches to make them uniquely for the customer. If they want unscented, lightly scented, a personal favorite, it's possible with every order, every item.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Don't be afraid to try, learn, grow, experiment, make mistakes. When that stops, you stop growing and your talent has no stage upon which to shine. And always do what you love with dedication.

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