Heirloom Ventures, Inc.

American Made Since 2010

Christine McConnell & Mark King

Indianapolis, Indiana
Heirloom Ventures provides healthy, clutter free nutrition created to support an active lifestyle. All organic ingredients, crafted by hand.

Tell us about your business.

Heirloom Ventures is the result a lifelong love affair with whole, fresh foods and a recognition that time refuses to stand still. An active household that swirls with the combined needs of a family on the go, we work hard to stock our fridge and pantry with healthy foods to fuel our daily needs. Our products reflect our desire for foods that support an active lifestyle. We needed a fruit sauce that was packed with goodness to fulfill our adult desire for a sweet treat and our kid's need for fun food. The result is a small, family owned company that makes food with real, organic ingredients that we can all easily identify and consume without concern. It is not fancy, just whole fruit goodness that you can depend on to fuel your endeavors. It was made with love for our family and we give it to you so that your pantry may be stocked with convenient goodness. You know where it comes from and you know what it is, Real. Simple. Darn Good!

What makes your business stand out?

Perfectly Pear Sauce is made the old fashioned way so that you get the most nutrition and flavor in each joyful spoonful. Sure, cutting each individually shaped pear and milling the berries by hand takes some extra time but would you want it any other way? Why Pears? On a sunny day there is nothing better than the sensation of a biting into a ripe pear and relishing in the joy of the juicy goodness dripping down your chin. They are sweet and lovely all by themselves. Add them to a sweet peach and ripe berry and you have a combination that brings joy to mouths of all ages. Sure we could have used a lovely apple but why be predictable? It is all about the balance. To make sure that each spoonful celebrates the fruit you love we balance each batch out with a bit of organic raw agave nectar. A smidge of agave helps each berry to warm your taste buds without giving you and yours an unproductive rush. Pears and berries are enough to make you giggle.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Do what you love. At Heirloom we do what we love. We launched our line of fruit sauce, Perfectly Pear, and we just keep going and growing with new whole food products to come. Mark and I care about the food our family eats, where it comes from and who took the time to make it. We try to keep to things simple: real ingredients, time honored technique and no fillers. We understand that there isn't always enough time in the day to make every meal from scratch so we want our friends to know that by choosing to include Heirloom Ventures products in their pantry that they are enjoying the very best of what we have to offer, made with intention and delivered in a manner that supports their quest for an active lifestyle.

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