Porcelain and Stone

American Made Since 2012

Kimberly Huestis

Cambridge, Massachusetts
Nautically inspired, artisanal porcelain and stoneware sculpted jewelry. Changing expectations and expanding style options.

Tell us about your business.

It was purely out of a simple desire to be able to wear jewelry when I first started experimenting with designing wearable sculptures. I couldn't find things I wanted to wear out there that were nickel free and friendly enough for my ridiculous, allergy-reacting skin... plus, I like to be a little different! Working with porcelain and stoneware related closely to my background in rock-carving and 3D graphic design/print before I ventured into the professional architectural industry as a building designer and environmental consultant. I just love working with my hands and sculpting the concept shapes for my ideas. My jewelry is meant for the touching and usually translates to something minimal with clean lines, but is often a unique statement piece. I am inspired by textures so often, whether they are smooth or old and grungy. Porcelain and Stone is meant to attract those lovers of the outdoors and the salty sea air with a love for the extensive history of porcelain.

What makes your business stand out?

My business is unique because it takes the ceramic medium, typically seen as a beloved, earthy-style, and is pushing it to reclaim its historically asian, and venerable status as an item to be celebrated and collected. You may have seen more and more porcelain artists creating amazing installations or sculptural pieces, and that is what drives me. I love hand-thrown pieces and cup making is my other fun obsession on the side. But, ceramic as a medium is not just for our basic functions; it can change your expectations of art and even expand your style standards in the process!

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