Patima Pataramekin

American Made Since 2013

Patima Pataramekin

San Francisco, California
The Craft Carriage is a wooden corset that wraps around a reusable jar. It allows users to transport hot or cold beverages in a stylish way.

Tell us about your business.

Everything I do, see, read, learn, and experience contributes to my work. I enjoy exploring and experimenting new ideas, concepts and forms, then coming up with simple yet effective solutions. Design brings stories to life. It's about communicating ideas and stories and having your design be the catalyst towards sparking a conversation. The Craft Carriage was created while I was studying Industrial Design at the California College of the Arts. I supported myself by working at a coffee shop. Each day, I noticed a large amount of waste that was created through the use of coffee cups. During a closer investigation, I learned that it takes 20 million trees and 12 billion gallons of water to produce the paper for the 58 billion coffee cups 65% of Americans thrown away each year! The designer in me saw an opportunity to solve this problem. As a designer, a goal of mine is to continue to use design as a vehicle to address needs, solve problems, and educate/learn from others.

What makes your business stand out?

There's this interesting overlap happening with craft and technology these days. It's changing the way we think. It's changing the way we do things. The Craft Carriage says it all in the name. It's designed to highlight the essence of good craftsmanship. An art that tends to get lost in the noise of modern day mass production. Without the use of steam, the wood is laminated, bent and carefully crafted by hand. The materials used in creating the carriage are all locally sourced in San Francisco. I like that it's a product that is beautiful and demands attention, but just like the saying goes, beauty is skin deep. The best part of the Craft Carriage is that it initiates conversations regarding craft and sustainability. It sparks a desire to change a simple behavior that will make a large difference over time! The Craft Carriage is simple, pragmatic, straightforward, honest, well-crafted and beautiful-- just like good designs should be.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Challenge the status quo and take risks. Follow your intuition. We live life moving forward, and understand it looking back.

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