American Made Since 2010

Thomas Kisner

Atlanta, Georgia
CrystalxFreshKitty is all-natural, reusable and eco-friendly, and can eliminate the smell of urine before your cat uses the litter box!

Tell us about your business.

I discovered the unique properties of CrystalxFreshKitty while developing an all-natural, non-invasive pain relief product for pets. My pain relief product works very well for pets with arthritis, which can be associated with gout, or a build up of uric acid. Although cats rarely incur gout, uric acid is excreted through urine and, after a little tweaking, we found that our product helped cats metabolize uric acid and other components of urine, to the point that the smell of urine is eliminated before cats use the litter box! With over 36 million cat owners in the United States alone, spending lots of money on treated litter and other odor-control products, we think our business will continue to grow, since we can potentially save cat lovers a lot of money, by helping them return to less expensive plain cat litter for example, and eliminating those other odor control products they buy every month. And that savings can go to a lot more toys and treats for kitty!

What makes your business stand out?

As a pet lover and equally avid environmentalist, I developed CrystalxFreshKitty with the knowledge that there are over 36 million cat owners in the United States alone - and that's a lot of cat litter going into our local ecosystems! Many cat lovers use litter treated with chemicals that are designed to mask or minimize the urine odor of their litter boxes. In addition to the potential that these chemicals may be annoying to your cat, when this type of cat litter is discarded, these chemicals can potentially leach into our local ecosystems, as well. CrystalxFreshKitty can be used over and over again with the food your cat consumes, and can break down and eliminate the smell of urine before your cat uses the litter box. This means that you can return to less expensive plain cat litter and, since the smell of urine has been largely reduced or eliminated, you can also prolong the use of your litter, creating less stress on your environment when you are ready to discard it.

What's the best business advice you've received?

The best business advice I have ever received was to have a passion for what I do, do it well and for the good of others.

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